Japan reaches 1 petabit per second and could broadcast in 8K in 10 million different streams. Will we see this in the West?

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Japan just broke the world record for internet speed. The country of the Rising Sun has achieved an incredible speed of 1 Petabit per second. More specifically, 1.02 petabits per second. With this figure, the country’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technologies has managed to break all previous records.

The previous figure was 319 terabytes per second, another very high value. However, it is difficult to understand to what extent this is a real achievement, since we are not used to such speeds. Well, as explained by the aforementioned media, such speed would allow us to broadcast up to 10 million different channels with a resolution of 8K per second.

Japan breaks its own record and beats the world’s best internet speed mark

This feat has been completed using a four-core fiber optic system whose frequency is three times that of a conventional cable. Thanks to this, the stability of the connection has been maintained. In fact, since the coating used is the same as in conventional optical fibers, it would be compatible with current infrastructures.

Of course, today there is no home or small establishment that needs such speed. After all, we are talking about a value that is 3.5 million times faster than the 300 megabits per second that have become the standard in many cities. Personally, this situation could open a new range of possibilities in the video game industry.

Especially, it would be data that would help a lot for service games, different MMOs, etc. As for when we will see something like this in the West, unfortunately , it is still too early to talk about it, since it has not yet been generally implemented there. Despite this, it could mark a before and after in the industry by opening up new options.