Italian government warns of more DDO attacks by Russian groups

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The Computer Security Incident Response Team Italia warns of ongoing DDO attacks on national companies and agencies. The government body is said to detect a persistent threat from Russian hacker groups.

Italian “public services and private entities with a public utility service” in particular would become the target of targeted DDOs attacks, so warns the CSIRT† The parties that fall under these categories are advised to prepare for possible cyber-attacks by fixing vulnerabilities and ‘carefully monitoring IT systems 24 hours a day’.

Although the actual attackers are not mentioned by name, the threat comes according to Bleeping Computer specifically from a pro-Russian hacker group Killnet. After this group carried out several cyber-attacks in retaliation for Ukraine’s support in the conflict with Russia, Anonymous Italy allegedly targeted doxxing members of Killnet. In a response to Anonymous Italy, the group has meanwhile announced ‘Operation Panopticon’, a massive Ddos attack on Italian public services.

The announcement of the ‘cyber operation’ on Telegram by Killnet, censored by Bleeping Computer