iOS 12 is already on ten percent of Apple devices

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The new operating system iOS 12 is already after two days already on more than ten percent of the devices that allow it, according to a trend report from Mixpanel. That’s a nice score, especially if you look at the upgrade figures for competitor Android. There is just Android 9 (Pie) for released and that is hardly on the map. Even the previous version of Android (8.0 and 8.1 or Oreo) is only on 27, 2 percent of the devices and that is after more than a year on the market.

Honestly fair: one of the reasons that the Android adoption of the latest version of the operating system will never be very high is because Google does not have the entire chain in hand. There are hundreds of companies that make Android devices and they are notorious in almost immediately dropping support for newer versions after the phones have been sold. Then we are not talking about the Samsungs, Oppos and Huawei’s of the world, but the real small makers who mainly operate in cheaper markets. Especially in those markets, telephones are also used until they literally fall apart (and then there is still tape) and that ensures that an excessively large percentage of devices with old software remains in use.

No reason not to want iOS 12

How different is it in the iPhone ecosystem. Where nearly 11 percent now have iOS 12, 91.5 percent of users with an iPhone have iOS 11. Only 7.5 percent of users are on an older version than that. It is also a familiar story: iOS users usually can not wait to download their new software version, because that provides more ease of use. And maybe a slightly slower phone, but you can not say that from iOS 12. The probability that the update percentage now goes a little further towards the 100 percent is certainly present. The adoption is slightly slower than with iOS 11 and iOS 10 but that is logical to explain: there are more and more devices with iOS and so there are also more and more devices that are not used every day and therefore do not immediately get an update.

In that respect it is not so disappointing in retrospect that iOS 12 has few new features: most people do not know what their phone can do and are especially afraid that their device will slow down with new software. Then it is ideal that this update is the first promise that it will make your device faster. A number of additional options such as keeping the screen time and other fun things are a bonus.

A major update of the software, which is mainly meant to make things faster and more stable, we have not seen for a long time with smartphones, but that should actually happen more often. Wondering where iOS12 is going to end. It must be weird if Apple does not come within a month to tell that more than 50 percent of iOS users switched to iOS 12. And rightly so.

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