“Google wants more space for social media posts and short videos in search engine”

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In addition to AI integrations, Google also wants to give more space to short videos and social media posts in its search engine. That writes The Wall Street Journal based on internal documents. The tech giant would like to make its search engine more ‘personal’ to reach more young people.

According to internal documents seen by The Wall Street Journal, Google would like to support ‘content creators’ just as it currently does with websites. This would include giving social media posts more space in search results. earlier was already there added a ‘Discussions and forums’ section, but according to the paper more attention should be paid to this in the future. WSJ writes that Google mainly intends to do this for search queries where there is no ‘right answer’, for example when users want to know what the best eatery is in the area.

In addition, Google reportedly wants to show more ‘short videos’ in the search engine. “Visitors to the search engine may be asked to swipe through visuals like TikTok videos to get answers to their questions,” according to The Wall Steet Journal. Google hopes that the search results will become less a “laundry list of blue links” and more “visual, personal, human and snackable”, as the tech giant would describe it in the internal documents.

A number of new features should be announced soon, writes WSJ. At the I/O conference that takes place next week, Google would like to reveal its Magi project, according to the newspaper. That project was previously described by The New York Times and should cover AI functions that, unlike the Bard chatbot, are incorporated in the search engine itself.

Google already has a Discussions and forums section, but according to WSJ it would like to give even more space to user content

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