Google gives schools information on how to repair Chromebooks themselves

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Google is launching a repair campaign for Chromebooks used in schools. The company provides education on how educational institutions can set up these repair processes, what can be repaired, how and what that does with the warranty on the devices.

Google has set up a set of web pages to educate educational institutions about repair and is announcing the Chromebook repair program in a blog post. The program starts in the United States, but one of the most important parts, the repair manuals, can of course be downloaded worldwide. Advanced repairs, such as those that require soldering, are not covered.

For another important part, the replacement parts on the laptops, Google still refers to the manufacturers. They seem to sell the parts through other outlets. Google further explains on its education site which Chromebooks are easy to repair, where to get the tools from, where to find repair training and how to access system updates, if necessary.

Google is likely to take steps on the Right to Repair as the movement gains more political attention in the United States. Apple and Microsoft have also made concessions in this area. Apple will supply independent repairers with parts and Microsoft will have research carried out into the benefits of better repairability. The company also promises to “act” on the recommendations of that report.

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