GitHub is experimenting with voice assistant in GitHub Copilot

GitHub has introduced a voice assistant for its AI-powered pair programmer Copilot. It is a test where users can use voice control to adjust their code or navigate through the codebase.

According to GitHub, it’s through the voice assistant also possible to write code. Users can also request a summary of their code if they wish. The speech assistant can currently only handle code from Microsoft Visual Studio and a user must speak English. The voice assistant listens to the command “Hey, Github” to become active.

The speech assistant was developed by Github Next, a team of researchers within GitHub that studies the future of software development. This is a test that Copilot users can sign up for. They can do that through a waiting list. GitHub Next hopes to expand the possibilities of the speech assistant in the long term. GitHub Copilot costs $10 a month or $100 a year. Students and employees of popular open source projects do not have to pay.