Flitsmeister introduces TWO accessory

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Flitsmeister has introduced the successor to the Flitsmeister ONE device. According to the company, this device has an improved display, and it is possible to report speed cameras. Like the ONE, the device warns motorists of speed cameras and other obstacles on the way.

The added value of the Flitsmeister TWO compared to the Flitsmeister app, according to the manufacturer, is that the TWO, just like the ONE, can be placed on the dashboard of the car. By connecting it to the phone app via bluetooth, the device turns on automatically when the car is started.

Where the ONE only worked with sound and an LED light, the TWO contains a screen that displays flash information, as well as warnings for other road obstacles. When the motorist approaches such a situation, the device also emits a sound signal. The display also shows the maximum speed.

According to Flitsmeister, information can be conveyed more clearly with this display than with the ONE. It is also possible to report dangerous traffic situations or speed cameras via the TWO, which was not possible on the previous device. The company also reports that it will provide the TWO with more additions in the future via updates. As an example, Flitsmeister states that in the future users can start a ‘parking action’ after the journey.

The Flitsmeister TWO can be pre-ordered now and will be delivered in two weeks. A charger is required to use the device. A Flitsmeister PRO subscription is also required. The TWO costs 79.95 euros, which includes a year of PRO as standard. It is also possible to order the TWO for 89.95 euros with a two-year PRO subscription.

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