Firmware Update: Synology DSM 7.0.1 build 42218

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Synology has released version 7.0.1 of Disk Station Manager. Synology DSM is the management software that runs on several of the company’s NAS products. The Disk and Rack Stations offer more than just extra storage space. For example, backups of all clients on the network can be made and files can be downloaded via http, ftp, bittorrent, usenet and emule, so that, for example, energy-hungry PCs can switch off at night while the download just comes in. Furthermore, audio and video files can be streamed over the network via the built-in iTunes server, a dynamic website can be hosted using PHP and MySQL and it can act as a print server.

To be able to install version 7.0, at least version 6.2 must be present. Furthermore, it is suitable for certain NAS models whose type number ends with 13 and all models ends with 14 or higher. For the other conditions and the different downloads, look at this page. In version 7.0, few changes have been made that are important for home users. The necessary changes and improvements have been made for the heavier models and the NAS that are used in business environments. The following improvements have also been made in this update:

What’s New

  • Supports migrating SA3200D system configurations when users perform HDD migration.
  • Added support for memory cache mirroring across controllers for better data consistency on SA3200D.
  • Added support for the “Sync remote mounted folders” option for Shared Folder Sync.
  • Supports creating volumes of up to 1 PB in Btrfs (Peta Volume) format on the XS/XS+, SA (SA3200D excluded), and FS-series models. (Learn more)
  • Added support for data deduplication on Btrfs volumes on certain models. (Learn more)
  • Supports notifying users when there is insufficient storage for metadata.
  • Updated OpenSSL to version 1.1.1l to fix multiple security vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-3711, CVE-2021-3712).

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where DSM might not automatically reconnect to a VPN after disconnection.
  • Fixed the sorting issue on the View Details page in Resource Monitor > Performance > Disks when a USB drive is connected.
  • Fixed an issue where the display in Volume Settings in Storage Manager was incorrect once users pinned the desktop widgets.
  • Fixed an issue where the throughput in Resource Monitor might not be displayed correctly when the system network traffic or the throughput of disks or volumes was heavy.
  • Fixed an issue where when users used third-party extensions to change the DSM theme, they couldn’t customize the wallpaper.
  • Fixed an issue where when non-administrator users shared files with password-protected links, the file names were displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where a healthy drive might be falsely detected as malfunctioning after it was swapped with a failed drive in the same storage pool when the system was shut down. The issue would cause the degraded storage pool to crash or become missing.
  • Fixed an issue where users couldn’t import Docker container configuration files from local computers.
  • Fixed an issue where certain packages couldn’t be installed when the built-in “DSM UI Compatible 6.x” package is missing.
  • Fixed an issue where package statuses might be stuck at “Getting Status” in Package Center.
  • Fixed an issue where filters might not work when users edit domain user or group privileges at Control Panel > Application Privileges.
  • Fixed an issue where Security Advisor didn’t apply the security baseline setting for the first scan.
  • Fixed an issue where users given the “Local user and management” privilege couldn’t perform the assigned actions.
  • Fixed an issue where users who had taken snapshots of a shared folder couldn’t disable the usage detail analysis of the shared folder’s volume in Storage Manager.
  • Fixed an issue where automatic configuration backup might fail under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a security vulnerability regarding GhostScript used by AirPrint. (CVE-2021-3781).
  • Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities. (Synology-SA-21:25)

Version number 7.0.1 build 42218
Release status Final
Website Synology
License type Freeware
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