Firmware update: OCZ Vertex Series 1.30

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OCZ Technology has released new firmware for its Vertex SSDs with 1.30 as the version number. By following this manual Flashing shouldn’t be a problem. For a review of these SSDs by our storage guru Femme, we refer you to this page. OCZ Technology has not released an official list of changes at this time, but according to a number of developers on their forum, it will not differ much from the list of beta version 1571. That list looks like this:

Version 1571:

  • Updater runs out of DOS instead of Windows
    • Enables fixing of failed firmware installation characterized by “Yatapdong Barefoot ROM ATA”
    • Enables firmware updates on Apple Mac
    • Updater no longer requires AHCI mode
    • Updater compatibility instability with nVidia chipsets fixed
  • Bug Fix: ATA Security command now working in AHCI mode
  • Bug Fix: When receiving invalid SMART subcommands, abort is now sent to host to minize long delays
  • Bug Fix: Corrected values ​​of some SMART attribute data initialization
  • Bug Fix: ATA Security Command now returning correct values
  • Enables life expectancy calculation
  • Other internal bug corrections

Version 1370:

  • Adds support for TRIM command
  • Firmware Update now preserves serial number
  • Bug Fix: Apple Mac Pro sleep/wake test now passes
  • Other internal bug corrections

Version number 1.30
Release status Final
Website OCZ Technology
License type Freeware
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