Firmware update: Nokia N79 20.175

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Nokia has made new firmware available for the N79, which carries the version number 20.175. As always, issues have been removed from the firmware, which should allow the device to work more stably. In addition to the standard bug fixes, this new firmware also has a few new additions. Just like in the firmware update that Nokia has previously released for other devices, this firmware also ensures better integration of Nokia’s services such as Ovi and Email Service.

In addition to the option to have a device fitted with the latest firmware at a Nokia Service Point, it is also possible to have a device equipped with the latest firmware. Nokia Software Updater home with this firmware. It is possible that the mobile has not yet been approved by the supplier for this update. If this is the case, it is recommended that you contact the relevant supplier or visit a Nokia Service Point.

For the complete changelog, see below:

SW improvements and corrections 20.175

The Following Genius Cases are fixed in this release

  • 110217 Cannot display sim contact on U-Sim (1000 contact sim card) when switch another UI language
  • 109049 Dialing 110 customercare phone redirect the call to be an EMERGENCY CALL
  • 109025 Music plays in speaker when receive sms under silent mode
  • 102737 Smartone foneTV video not restore after end MT call
  • 108868 Audio is improperly routed from headset to speaker when receiving a SMS message
  • 110681 Phone hang during accessing Nokia Maps application in SW 11.049
  • 113061 Can’t access sim card contacts
  • 103319 Can’t input Chinese character “丁” by stroke input
  • 109593 Themes: Audio Themes, when select Nokia – “Several sound files Missing” appears

New features

  • Bookmarks updated to remove Download link folders
  • MTP configuration to enable Social Cinema support
  • TARM in 3.2 based devices
  • Email plugin functionality
  • 7-bit encoding of Turkish characters in SMS
  • TP Wizard to check availability of Nokia email service
  • Media player default settings changes
  • 2 New vanilla CTRs, called: EGYPT NO-GPS (releases MEA data package)
  • 2 new codes: SYRIA NO-GPS (releases MEA data package)
  • Memory card ID change for Indonesia CTR’s, was MC0001 and changed to MC0002
  • Update bookmarks for China PRC Vanilla Core SW
  • Files on Ovi Widget
  • S60 3.2 based devices – Making Gimlet visible in Settings Wizard selection
  • Turn “PnP Mobile Services” On
  • S&S Application updates
  • MPX player not accessible when USB cable connected

Known issues
Answering calls with headset/carkit while navigating – has to be answered from the device. It will be fixed at PR3 release in Week 23-24.

Version number 20.175
Release status Final
Website Nokia
File size 22.22MB
License type Freeware
ApplicationBelowCableCharactersDownloadEmailFirmwareFirmware updateGlobalGPSHeadsetIndonesiaMapsMedia PlayerMemoryMobileNokiaPlayerPluginSIMSoftwareSpeakerTurkishUSB