Firmware update: Nokia N78 30.011

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Nokia has made new firmware available for the N78, which carries a version number of 30.011. As always, issues have been removed from the firmware, which should allow the device to work more stably. As the changelog shows, no new nice features have been added to the device, but only problems have been solved. Because of all the fixes, the device should run more stable, so an update is always recommended.

In addition to the option to have the device fitted with the latest firmware at a Nokia Service Point, it is also possible to use the Nokia Software Updater home with this firmware. It is possible that the mobile has not yet been approved by the supplier for this update. If this is the case, it is recommended that you contact the relevant supplier or visit a Nokia Service Point.

Before providing a device with this update, it is advisable to make a backup of the data. This is possible with the backup function in Nokia PC Suite, or by making a complete backup to the memory card in the device.

The complete changelog reads as follows:

SW 30.011 improvements and corrections

Genius Cases fixed:
113892: Nokia N78 / RM-235: MMS Slides not shown in correct order
117617: Nokia N78 / RM-235: Connect with headset and activated silent profile when received SMS, the loudspeaker will play the music.
115735: Nokia N78 / RM-235: While listening music with HS, if a sms is received the speakers are enabled
111153: Nokia N78 / RM-235: WLAN menu not in Italian language
111089: Nokia N78/RM-342: Issue with easy wlan languague.
112639: Nokia N78 / RM-235: Camera cannot zoom in/out after changing phone language
106338: Nokia N78 / RM-235: WLAN shortcut and its submenu are not translated into Russian
107670: Nokia N78 / RM-236: Can’t input Chinese character “”丁”” by stroke input
114436: Nokia N78 / RM-235: Slovenia: N78 SW 21.002 and WLAN untranslated part of menu
112392: Nokia N78 / RM-235: English is the software of the WLAN menu problem
115610: Nokia N78 / RM-235: N78 WLAN releted UI are in English in 21.002 but it’s in Chinese in previous SW
116268: Nokia N78 / RM-235: Menu Options “”WLAN”” two different languages

105329: Nokia N78 / RM-235: N78 photo missing in gallery when change to simplified UI
110903: Nokia N78 / RM-236: N78 EDGE has “”video sharing”” in UI during the call but it doesn’t support it
117912: Nokia N78 / RM-235: No ZOOM function in RUSSIAN UI in SW ver. 21.002
114400: Nokia N78 / RM-235: N78 digital zoom in/out doesn’t work in SW 21.002
115199: Nokia N78 / RM-235: Missing Camera Capture Tone : Nokia N78 / RM-235: While listening music with HS, if a sms is received the speakers are enabled

108674: Nokia N78 / RM-235: Cracking sound when using loudspeaker during calls

Version number 30.011
Release status Final
Website Nokia
File size 2.69MB
License type Freeware
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