Firmware update: FreshTomato 2020.4

FreshTomato is a Tomato-derived firmware for various ARM or MIPS based routers from Asus, D-Link, Huawei, Linksys, Netgear, Tenda and Xiaomi. It can be seen as the continuation of ‘Tomato by Shibby’ since this developer, Michał Rupental, wants to devote his time to other projects. Compared to the original firmware from the manufacturer, the FreshTomato firmware adds several extra options, such as a real-time bandwidth monitor and extensive setting options. The developers recently released FreshTomato 2020.4 and it is available for routers with a arm– or mipsCPU.

FreshTomato-ARM Changelog

Note: Users with WIFI problems after upgrading to 2020.3, should use clean install here again (clean NVRAM, no backups, see “important” in 2020.3 log); this also applies to all upgrading from earlier versions.

  • kernel: backport support for setting a default qdisc
  • kernel/kernel sdk7: enable kernel network namespaces and veth for AIO targets
  • kernel/kernel sdk7: netns: Deduplicate and fix copy_net_ns when !CONFIG_NET_NS
  • kernel/kernel sdk7: net: huawei_cdc_ncm: remove redundant assignment to variable ret
  • kernel/kernel sdk7: net: usb: qmi_wwan: remove redundant assignment to variable status
  • toolchain: brcm-arm-toolchains update; newer uClibc with NPTL enabled
  • build: kernel: enable HIDRAW for UPS support in apcupsd
  • SDK6: update EMF / IGS and utilities finally – use src files / compile from src
  • add and enable Conntrack Userspace Tool for VPN/AIO targets (Thanks to @Not Sure)
  • add diskdev_cmds-332.25 (hfsprogs) to the tree with patches
  • add HFS/HFS+ support (also with tuxera driver)
  • enable Open HFS/HFS+ driver on all targets
  • enable Tuxera HFS/HFS+ driver on targets: ac68e/ac68z (RT-N18U, RT-AC56U, RT-AC68U, RT-AC68R, RT-AC68P, RT-AC66U_B1, RT-AC1900P VPN/AIO); ac15e (Tenda AC15 VPN); ac18e/ac18z (Tenda AC18 VPN/AIO)
  • enable crash log by taking space from the end of the jffs2 partition (as an option)
  • fix panic due to incorrect check of error pointer when proc_ns_fget fails
  • enable Tuxera HFS/HFS+ driver on all ac3200_ (RT-AC3200) targets
  • admin: update to 4.7.7
  • libyaml: update to 0.2.5
  • php: update to 7.2.31
  • tor: update to
  • libcurl: update to 7.71.0
  • e2fsprogs: update to 1.45.6
  • nettle: update to 3.6
  • iptables: update to 1.8.5; add conditional compilation with libnetfilter_conntrack to enable “connlabel match” support
  • libnetfilter_conntrack: update to 1.0.8
  • conntrack tools: update to 1.4.6
  • libexif: update to 0.6.22
  • nano: update to 4.9.3
  • nginx: update to 1.19.0
  • sqlite: update to 3.32.3
  • rp-pppoe: update to 3.14
  • libnfsidmap: update to 0.27
  • libjson-c: update to 1c6086a (2020.05.31) snapshot
  • dropbear: update to 2020.80; remove patch 102-fix-cbc_mode-cant-be-fully-disabled – already in upstream
  • portmap: update to 4836a4a (2014-06-23) snapshot; remove unneeded patch – already in upstream
  • iproute2: clean sources of 3.19.0, add patches instead
  • accel-pptp: clean sources of 0.8.5 add patches instead
  • switch4g: fix modem reset, it works at last
  • SNMP: add device name and FW version to nsExtendOutput table
  • MDU: send User-Agent also in case of Custom url
  • samba: add protocol selection options (SMBv1, SMBv2, SMBv1 + SMBv2); make SMBv2 + SMBv1 the default (no change)
  • samba: configuration tune up
  • dropbear: strip version from ident
  • firewall: openvpn: fix duplicate openvpn rules on wan/openvpn restart
  • firewall: retry failed iptables-restore in a few secs
  • firewall: add a brute force mitigation rule on port defined for GUI remote access
  • openvpn: fix multiple issues in stopping vpn services
  • openvpn: set up firewall in correct order – before starting openvpn but after stopping it
  • openvpn: shutdown all running servers/clients on wan stop and remove tunnel modules
  • openvpn: ensure duplicate-cn is set as default if not specified
  • openvpn: no longer dump stats to system log
  • openvpn: in case of openvpn unexpectedly dies – flush tun IF, otherwise openvpn will not re-start (required by iproute2)
  • GUI: advanced-wireless.asp: set interference mitigation mode correctly for ARM
  • GUI: advanced-wireless.asp: adjust note/comment for transmit power option
  • GUI: advanced-wireless.asp: hide wifi option Turbo QAM for NON-AC hardware modules
  • GUI: extend advanced-wireless.asp / Wireless Multicast Forwarding (no new GUI options)
  • GUI: Admin Restrictions: change permitted value for Limit Connections Attempts (fixes #44)
  • GUI: Advanced: Wireless: changes for new default settings; Thanks to @rs232
  • GUI: Advanced: Wireless: check TxBF support (v2); note: Turn off and hide TxBF options if needed!
  • GUI: Admin Access: SSH Daemon: add ed25519/ecdsa to the allowed authentication keys; also fix the regexp/code to check the entire field, not just the first line
  • GUI: Administration: Upgrade: fix missing css when loading reboot.asp
  • GUI: NAS: USB support: add info on how to create an ext4 file system that will be compatible with FreshTomato ARM
  • GUI: basic-network.asp – hide and disable wan options/settings if the user selects/enables wireless bridge mode
  • router: Makefile: snmp: tune recipe; add only needed mibs; enable logging (/var/log/snmpd.log)
  • router: Makefile: OpenVPN: use the iproute2 ip tool instead of ifconfig
  • router: httpd: limit SSL certificate to 13 months if clock has been set; new Apple initiative to force removal of possibly compromised certs
  • router: rc: network.c: change/adjust requirements for vhtmode and vht_features
  • router: rc: mtd.c: skip bad blocks during erase
  • router: shared: defaults: change wifi radio power save mode; turn it off by default now (align to ASUS)
  • router: shared: defaults: change wifi rxchain power save mode; turn it off by default now
  • router: shared: update ifaddrs.c
  • router: www: advanced-routing.asp: remove Mode option – it has “undocumented” secondary effects
  • rom: simplify ca-bundle update (also fixes #43)
  • EA6200: set nvram value “band” correct for this router (5 GHz module first)
  • DIR868L: Workaround to show 32 KB threshold at the GUI that should not be crossed right now!
  • R7000: do not enable air time fairness by default
  • DIR868L rev a/b/c: adjust default wifi country to SG (note: avoid using wildcard #a)
  • R6400v2 / R6700v3: improve/fix support for SDK6 (no change for other routers)
  • DIR868L: do not enable vhmode and vht_features for 2G wifi module (Note: prevent/avoid problems on older/cost optimized/partly NON-AC hardware)
  • R6400v1: do not enable vhmode and vht_features for 2G wifi module
  • EA6350v1 / EA6200: do not enable vhmode and vht_features for 2G wifi module
  • Netgear R6250: do not enable vhmode and vht_features for 2G wifi module
  • Netgear R6300v2: do not enable vhmode and vht_features for 2G wifi module
  • Netgear R6400v2 / R6700v3: do not enable vhmode and vht_features for 2G wifi module
  • Xiaomi R1D: do not enable vhmode and vht_features for 2G wifi module
  • Asus RT-AC56U: do not enable vhmode and vht_features for 2G wifi module
  • EA6400 / EA6500v2 / EA6700: do not enable vhmode and vht_features for 2G wifi module

Version number 2020.4
Release status Final
Website FreshTomato
License type GPL
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