Firmware Update: Draytek Vigor 2900 2.5.3

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Draytek has firmware version 2.5.3 for the 29002900i2900G and 2900Gi routers from the Vigor line. The changelog announces the following changes:

New Features

  • Support the automatic negotiation of the WAN link speed.
  • Add a Telnet command “show session” to show the current number/Maximum number of NAT sessions.
  • Show the version of the wireless code in the wireless web page (WebUI).


  • Improve the router performance.
  • Improve the VPN performance.

Corrected Problem

  • ARP related
    • Reply to all ARP requests on the WAN side for compatibility issue.
    • Send ARP request to the default gateway every 5 minutes for compatibility issue.
    • Reply to all unicast ARP request on the WAN side for compatibility issue.
  • VPN related
    • Correct the IKE proposal mismatch problem. That is, (otpsk1024des3md5 ==> otpsk1024desmd5) and (otpsk1024des3SHA1 ==> otpsk1024desSHA1).
    • Flush the data cache for HW-DES/3DES.
    • Remove IKE_SUPPORT_PFS for better compatibility.
    • Modify the IKE rekey method.
    • Clear the FIFO of the HW-DES engine before encryption/decryption.
  • NAT related
    • Reset portmap by checking ACK and sequence number.
    • Clean unused NAT sessions (UDP session per 180 sec and TCP session per 60 sec).
  • Wireless related
    • Patch VPN over WLAN bug. (To avoid the user to access the router before establishing the VPN tunnel.)
  • Others
    • DMZ LED for Vigor2900
      • After enabling the DMZ function, the DMZ LED will be turned on.
      • Once any packet passes through the DMZ port, the DMZ LED will be flash.
    • Modified “BAD IP” with “CONFLICTED IP” in DHCP assign table.
    • When DNS server is the DMZ host and the NTP server is enabled, user can not query the DNS. (D233)
    • Fill the ciaddr with “0” when sending DHCP request packets.
    • Remove the “” banner in WebUI.

Version number 2.5.3
Website Draytek
License type Freeware
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