Firmware update: AVM Fritz!box Fon Wlan 7570 75.04.82

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The developers of AVM have released new firmware for the Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7570 router, with version number 75.04.82. This fixes two issues: a problem with the installation assistant and a possible problem with the quality of the wireless signal. The included list of changes looks like this:

Version 75.04.82:

  • SYSTEM: fixed a problem with the installation assistant that could overwrite encapsulation settings
  • WLAN: fixed potential WLAN-quality issue (in some cases there was a decrease in WLAN-signal quality after the update from 75.04.78 to 75.04.81)

Version 75.04.81:

  • DSL: new DSL firmware to further improve compatibility
  • DECT: NEW read podcasts with FRITZ!Fon MT-D/MT-F
  • DECT: NEW internet radio with FRITZ!Fon MT-D/MT-F
  • DECT: improved DECT radio transmission
  • DECT: listen to current answering machines messages while they are being recorded
  • DECT: new ringtones
  • DECT: new menu options for HD test samples
  • DECT: improved editing of contacts
  • DECT: integrated babyfon and room surveillance
  • DECT: big watch as screen saver on standby screen
  • DECT: set up alarm clock on MT-D/MT-F
  • DECT: activate or deactivate existing call forwarding via MT-D/MT-F
  • DECT: improved contact search (vanity)
  • Internet: NEW: Online-Monitor informs about internet connection, data transfer and online time
  • Internet: option to disconnect internet connection manually (expert mode)
  • Internet: removed PPPoE pass through
  • System: NEW advanced energy monitor to check temperature, memory- and cpu load
  • System: Improved remote access and WLAN connectivity for iPhone, Nokia E71 and Android devices
  • System: extended TR-064 interface
  • System: improved stability
  • System: removed possibility to configure separate LANs for the ethernet ports in user interface
  • Telephony: multiple online contact lists supported
  • Telephony: automatically delete message answering machine messages after forwarding via eMail (expert mode)
  • Telephony: improved wizards for “telephony devices” and “numbers”
  • Telephony: transition from combined fixed line and DSL connection to All-IP connection simplified
  • Telephony: improved fax interoperability (T.38)
  • Telephony: improved audio quality (MOS)
  • USB/NAS: display available USB storage space in the USB device overview
  • USB/NAS: display technical detail information about USB storage devices in the USB device overview (mouseover)
  • USB/NAS: improved USB performance
  • USB/NAS: optimized power saving options with Samsung, Western Digital and Seagate hard drives
  • USB: longer passwords for FTP/network memory (NAS)
  • USB: Media server: improved performance during boot of FRITZ!Box with activated media server
  • USB: Media server: improved compatibility with various UPnP clients
  • USB: Online-memory: optimized up- and downloads
  • WLAN: new WLAN pages
  • WLAN: fixed crash while changing WEP encryption settings
  • WLAN: WLAN interoperability with various WLAN clients improved
  • WLAN: performance and stability of WDS connections using 802.11N improved
  • WLAN: improved automatic channel selection
  • WLAN: faster availability of the WLAN module after changes in the user interface

Version number 75.04.82
Release status Final
Website AVM
Download 3DFRITZ!Box+Fon+WLAN+7570+VDSL%26category%3Dfritzbox
file size 10.49MB
License type Freeware
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