Firmware update: Apple watchOS 10.0.1

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Apple has released version 10 of the software that runs on the Apple Watch and a first update with bug fixes has also been released. Updating the Apple Watch must be done via the app on the iPhone; instructions for this are available this page to find. Version 10 of watchOS is available for the Apple Watch series 4 and higher and requires iOS 17 on the iPhone to update. In the new version we find two new watch faces, Palette and Snoopy, and there is a focus on widgets. For example, there is a smart stack of widgets that contains the most important information. The complete changelog can be found below.

Apple watchOS 10.0.1

This update provides bug fixes and important security updates for your Apple Watch. Information about the security aspects of Apple software updates can be found at this page.

Apple watchOS 10.0

watchOS 10 is the biggest update since the introduction of the Apple Watch and gives almost every app a new look. There are also new ways to navigate and a new smart stack that lets you get the information you need at any time, from any watch face. The update includes improved features for cycling workouts and walking tours, a new mental health feature in the Mindfulness app that lets you reflect on your mood, and the ability to record time spent in daylight.


  • Use redesigned apps that use the rounded corners and full surface of the screen
  • With the Smart Stack, view context-adapted information, such as time and location, by rotating the Digital Crown on any watch face
  • Open the control panel by pressing the side button
  • Press the Digital Crown once to see all apps and twice to see recently used apps


  • ‘Snoopy’ features more than 100 different animations featuring Snoopy and Woodstock reacting to the time of day, local weather and activities like workouts
  • ‘Palette’ depicts time as color with three separate overlapping layers that shift as time passes
  • ‘Sun Position Analog’ features classic hour markers on a luminous dial with light and shadow that shift throughout the day based on the position of the sun
  • Modular Ultra utilizes the edges of the display for real time data through three user selectable options and seven different complications (Available on Apple Watch Ultra)

To inform

  • View Memoji or photos of contacts
  • Pin favorites
  • Edit, undo send, and sort by unread


  • Cycling workouts now support Bluetooth sensors such as power meters, speed and cadence sensors with new power and cadence measurements
  • The Cycling Power view shows your power output, measured in Watts, during your workout
  • The Power Zones view uses functional threshold power, measuring the highest power you can sustain over a 60-minute session to create personalized zones, and also shows the time spent in each zone
  • The ‘Cycling speed’ view shows the current and maximum speed, distance, heart rate and/or power
  • Cycling measurements, workout views and cycling experiences from your Apple Watch can now appear as live activity on iPhone, which can be mounted on your bike’s handlebars


  • Symbols in the corners provide quick access to Weekly View, Share, and Medals
  • Movement, training and standing rings are visible on separate screens by turning the Digital Crown and you have the ability to adjust goals and view steps, distance, stairs climbed and your activity history
  • The weekly overview now contains totals for training and standing in addition to the movement total
  • Activity Sharing shows photos and avatars of your friends
  • With ‘Trainer Tips’ from Fitness+’s expert trainers, you’ll get advice on workout techniques, mindfulness, healthy habits and staying motivated in the Fitness app on iPhone


  • Create a workout and meditation schedule with Custom Plans
  • Choose your selected activity days, duration and types of workouts, trainers, music and length of the training plan and Fitness+ will automatically create the plan
  • Use ‘Stacks’ to create a queue of workouts and meditations that you want to perform one after the other


  • A waypoint is created for the estimated last location on your route where your device was able to connect to the carrier’s network
  • Last emergency call route point automatically estimates the last location where you can connect to emergency services through any provider
  • You can save points of interest to Guides in Maps and view them later
  • New view that uses altimeter data to create a 3D representation of the elevation of your saved waypoints
  • With altitude notifications you will receive a notification when you have passed the threshold value for a certain altitude


  • Radius on Foot shows you approximately how long it will take to walk to nearby restaurants, shops and other points of interest with enriched information for locations, including opening hours and reviews
  • Offline maps downloaded to your iPhone can be viewed on your paired Apple Watch when your iPhone is turned on and in range
  • Car routes, cycling routes, walking routes and public transport information are supported in offline maps and estimated arrival time based on expected traffic is visible
  • Topographic maps show information about national and regional parks in the United States, such as trails, contour lines, elevation, and points of interest
  • Information about hiking trails in the United States with detailed information such as trail length and elevation data


  • You can quickly view weather information with background effects and contextual visual effects
  • View important information such as UV index, air quality index and wind speed in one view
  • View data such as weather type, temperature, precipitation, wind speed, UV index, visibility, humidity and air quality by swiping right
  • Scroll to see the hour and day views
  • View humidity complication on your watch face


  • With ‘Mood’ you can record your current emotions or your mood during the day
  • Factors that contribute to your mood, such as work, family and current news, can be noted and you can describe your feeling, such as happy, satisfied or worried
  • Reminders to capture your state of mind are available via notifications, complications and questions after a breathing session, a reflection session or an audio meditation from Fitness+


  • You will receive reminders if you have not recorded that you have taken a medication 30 minutes after the scheduled time
  • Option to set such reminders as critical notifications so that they can be seen even if your device is held still or you have a focus enabled

Other features and improvements:

  • Daylight Time is now measured with the Ambient Light Sensor (available on Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 6 and later, and Apple Watch Ultra)
  • ‘Energy Forecast’ in the Home app and, as a complication, uses real-time data from your local energy supplier to see when cleaner energy is being used, so you can determine the best time to charge your devices or use home appliances ( contiguous states of the United States)
  • Communications Safety now detects whether children are sending or receiving sensitive videos
  • ‘Sensitive Material Warning’ for Adults brings the technology of communication safety to all users by blurring photos and videos containing nudity and allowing you to choose whether to see such photos and videos
  • Notifications to SOS contacts after an SOS emergency notification are delivered as critical notifications
  • Group FaceTime audio calls are now supported

Some features are not available in all countries or regions. For more information visit: this page.

Version number 10.0.1
Release status Final
Operating systems iOS
Website Apple
License type Freeware