Facebook unveils way to monetize licensed music in videos

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Facebook introduces Music Revenue Sharing, a way for video creators to use licensed music and monetize it. The licensees and Meta also earn money from the concept.

The program in question allows creators to use licensed music, after which they receive twenty percent of the video’s advertising revenue. Meta and the music’s licensees split the rest of the revenue from “in-stream advertising,” al mentions Facebook in the announcement no further percentages.

Makers could already to some extent music from the respective audio library use in videos, although according to Facebook it is the first time that money can be made with it on this scale. The Music Revenue Sharing program is available worldwide from today, although for now only streams in the United States can actually earn money from the use of licensed music. “We’re expanding this to the rest of the world where music is available on Facebook in the coming months.” Music on Facebook has been available for several years in the Netherlands and Belgium, among others, which would mean that the service will come to these countries later this year.

To be eligible for the program, a maker must meet various requirements. First of all, a maker must at all qualify for advertisements and must meet the requirements of the Partner Program. Furthermore, a video must last at least one minute and revolve primarily around the visual material used; simply publishing licensed music to make money is not allowed.

Anyone eligible for Facebook music revenue sharing

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