Envision, a life-changing tool that brings the visual world to life for the visually impaired, is now available on Android.

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Envision is a smartphone application that enables visually impaired people to access the visual information around them independently. After a great reception from the visually impaired community for the iOS version, they have launched their first version on Android, making their technology even more accessible to the world.

The iOS version of the app has been enabling thousands of visually impaired people to regain their sense of independence, allowing them to read the text, recognize objects, detect colors and find faces on their own terms. The developers now want to extend the same capability to Android users in the world. “We have been overwhelmed with requests for an Android version of our service. That is why we have put out our very early version that performs the primary functions of the app. We believe that building products out in the open, with constant feedback from the users, is a much better way of developing quality services than doing it in secret. Hence, we will be working on a weekly update cycle and will be pushing a new feature to our Android each week based on our user’s feedback.” says, Karthik Kannan, the co-founder of Envision

The launch of Envision on Android is a huge step towards making the world a more accessible place for the visually impaired. This new found independence really empowers a large section of the society to be more productive and contribute better to the society.

Click HERE to install Envision AI app on the PlayStore:

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