Encryption of Twitter DMs is only available to paid Blue subscribers

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The end-to-end encryption for Twitter DMs only applies to Blue subscribers. In addition, group conversations cannot be encrypted and the encryption only applies to message content. Metadata and media are not encrypted.

That appears from a help page about the new end-to-end encryption of Twitter messages. Earlier this week, CEO Elon Musk said private messages on the platform would be encrypted starting Wednesday. Now Twitter provides more information about this, which shows that there are significant limitations to the function.

The main limitation is that messages are only encrypted if both interlocutors have a verified account. In practice, that means the feature is only available to Twitter Blue subscribers or members of a verified organization. Both subscriptions are paid, although verified organizations can also be a government account that does not require payment. It is not clear whether that condition will continue to exist or whether non-paying users will also be able to send encrypted messages in the future. Twitter doesn’t write about that. Users should also be using the most recent iOS or Android version of the Twitter app or web app. Alternative apps, even official ones like Tweetdeck, can’t handle the encryption yet.

Twitter also says that there are still limits to the encryption. For example, it is not yet possible to apply encryption in group chats. Moreover, the encryption only applies to message content and any emoji reactions to it. Metadata is not encrypted, nor are attachments such as images or videos.

Furthermore, users will not be able to continue an encrypted conversation from a new device or if they reinstall the Twitter app. If users log out of their device, all encrypted messages on it will also disappear.

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