Elon Musk plans to build something called the Giga Water Loop at his Austin factory. Nobody knows what it is

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Permits for the construction of large infrastructure around the Tesla gigafactory in Texas raise rumors

The Tesla factory in Austin is one of the six gigafactories that the manufacturer has in the world and one of the four that manufactures its electric cars. The brand has announced a mysterious project that will be developed very close to its production center in Texas.

The company has not given many details in this regard, which has raised a wave of speculation about the usefulness of the new megastructure of which, for the moment, only the name is known: Giga Water Loop.

A mysterious project with only one certainty: water . Elon Musk is a great fan of large mysterious projects, although due to the constant media attention he receives, they do not always manage to keep them as secret as he would like . The latest project of Tesla’s main shareholder is the construction of a mysterious infrastructure around the Tesla Gigafactory in Austin in which water will play a leading role, as discovered by the Electrek portal .

The nature of the project, which is known only as the Giga Water Loop, has not been revealed. This directly relates it to a large infrastructure related to water recycling . But what does an installation of these characteristics look like on the Tesla gigafactory campus in Texas?

Connecting the dots . When Elon Musk presented the Tesla gigafactory project, he referred to it as “an ecological paradise.” At the time, this statement was interpreted as a metaphor for the manufacturing center of cars that were postulated as champions of the change to a more sustainable vehicle model.

However, buying a small startup in 2021 could be the key to unlocking this mystery. That company that Elon Musk bought for a symbolic $3 , found a method to manufacture cheaper and cleaner batteries by reusing water to reduce operating costs by up to 75%. So, putting the dots together, the new infrastructure could be a water recirculation system of gigantic magnitudes with sufficient capacity to cover the factory’s assembly rate.

Take advantage of the landscape contribution of water . Elon Musk announced that the campus surrounding the factory, where the Cybertruck is planned to be manufactured and which already houses the production of the Model Y , would be an area that would connect with nature. According to the millionaire, the campus would become a river walk with trails for walking, biking and with access to a stream.

Perhaps, in those plans for a scenario connected to nature through which water circulates, a large pond with water recovered from the manufacturing of its batteries will be included.

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