EA wants to acquire Codemasters and offers more than Take-Two

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EA wants to acquire Codemasters and has reached an agreement with the board of the game developer. Previously, Take-Two already offered around 900 million euros for the British company, but EA offers almost one billion euros.

EA and the board of Codemasters have reached an agreement on the conditions for a takeover, EA says. Codemasters confirms that it is advising shareholders to agree to EA’s offer and not Take-Two’s. EA wants to bring the franchises of both companies together in subscriptions and EA presumably refers to EA Play. While EA owns Need for Speed ​​and Real Racing, Codemasters develops game series such as Formula One, DiRT, DiRT Rally, Grid and Project Cars.

The announced acquisition comes a month after Take-Two announced it would acquire Codemasters. That takeover will not go ahead because EA offers more. The take-over amount of Take-Two would amount to about 850 million euros, while EA wants to offer around 985 million euros for the game maker. Just like with Take-Two, this acquisition is not yet final: EA expects to be able to complete the acquisition within 3.5 months, before the end of March next year.

DiRT 5, one of the newest games from Codemasters

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