Due to French law, Apple continues to supply earphones with iPhones in France

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Apple continues to sell iPhones in France with EarPods earphones. In France, sellers are obliged to deliver such an accessory to the customer, if he requests it. Apple wants to deliver the iPhones without earphones.

Apple continues to supply earphones with iPhones in FranceWhoever buys an iPhone 12 in France, according to the French Apple site , will receive in the box, in addition to the phone, USB-C to Lightning cable and documentation, also the EarPods earphones with Lightning connection. This also applies to the iPhone 12 Pro . The ears are not listed on the Dutch website .

The display of the EarPods on the French product page is striking, because Apple announced at the presentation of the latest iPhone models that it will no longer include earphones from now on. Apple says it does this for environmental reasons and claims that 70 percent more iPhones can be transported in the same space.

MacRumors points out that this is probably due to French law , which requires manufacturers to provide an accessory ‘such as a hands-free kit’ that is suitable for a child under 14 years old. By law, the manufacturer is only obliged to supply it if requested by the customer and it must be an accessory that limits exposure to electromagnetic radiation to the head.

This legislation was created to protect users and children from the possible harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Companies are also not allowed to advertise the use of a telephone without such a hands-free kit accessory. If they do, they risk a fine of 75,000 to 375,000 euros. They must also recommend the use of such an accessory in their advertisements and on the packaging of a product.

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