Driver Update: nVidia Detonator 5.30 Win2k/NT4

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TND brought us fresh Detonator 5.30 drivers for Windows 2000 and NT4. according to NT Compatible it includes support for the GeForce2 MX and Quadro2, so apparently those two cards will be released by nVidia soon. You can download the Windows 2000 drivers bring down here, you like the NT4 drivers drivers refuel via this link:

I’ve found by accident a new driver for the nVidias. It’s the 5.30 for Win2000 🙂 . It has support for the NVIDIA GeForce2 MX and the NVIDIA Quadro2 and of course the various TNT’s and GeForces. I checked the files, no fake here ; ). A NT4 5.30 driver is on the way but for now you have to settle for the Win2000 version. Download is here (1.6 MB) and Europeans should try it here.

Update: for the paranoid out there: nVchips.Fr did check the driver too and it is the real deal 🙂 . Every single file is version 5.30 and not hacked or modified in any way.

Version number 5.30
Operating systems Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website NT Compatible
License type Adware