Driver Update: ALi Win2k IDE Drivers

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Acer Labs has released new IDE drivers for Windows 2000. Here’s the info from the release notes:

This file contains a variety of information you should read before installing the ALi IDE driver. ALi IDE Windows 2000 Driver is a mini driver that helps Microsoft in-box driver enable DMA mode of Atapi devices (CD, CD-RW, DVD…) for older ALi chips. For newer ALi chips (eg M1543C-B1, M1535, M1535D and future chips), there is no need to install this driver.

Acer Laboratories Inc. does not guarantee that this MiniIDE driver will work with your motherboard. If you meet any problem, you can go to ALi web site Support page to fill CORE LOGIC FORM for problem feedback.

1. System requirements

1. Microsoft Windows 2000(build 2195) or later version

2. ALi IDE Driver (ALIIDE.SYS)

2.Installation Instructions

1. Install Windows 2000.

2. Unzip this driver into one folder. Execute “Setup.exe” to install ALi IDE Driver

Version number 0.90
Operating systems Windows 2000
Website Acer Labs Inc.