Driver Update: Apple iPod Windows Drivers (Xplay)

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The time has come, Mediafour has finished the Windows drivers for the Apple iPod player. This version does not work under Windows 95 or NT and has limited functionality (compared to iTunes). Unfortunately, these drivers only work until December 31, but it’s a start.

What XPlay Technology Preview 1 does:

Makes a drive letter appear for your Apple® iPod™

Provides read/write access to the iPod hard drive for data files of all types, just like MacDrive

Automatically makes the appropriate icons and file name extensions appear for Mac files on the iPod hard drive

Makes any songs already loaded on your iPod appear within a special ‘XPlay music’ folder, accessible through Explorer

Makes your Apple iPod appear as a Portable Device in Windows Media Player

Enables you to play songs from your iPod through Windows Media Player or your software of choice

Remains functional through December 31, 2001

Version number Technology Preview 1
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Mediafour
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