Developer makes Doom playable in Notepad with 60fps frame rate

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Developer Sam Chiet has made Doom playable in Notepad. The graphics of the 1993 game are generated with letters, numbers and characters at a frame rate of 60fps. No modifications to Windows’ word processor would have been made for NotepadDOOM.

The developer, who Samperson on YouTube is called, gives little further explanation about how he got the grandfather of the shooter genre working in Notepad. Because the word processor is obviously not made to play games, it is probably a modified version of Doom that has been made compatible with Notepad by Chiet. The Windows program probably acts as a digital ‘screen’ for an external program. The developer plans to make the affected version of the game publicly available this week. John Romero, one of the creators of Doom and co-founder of id Software, calls NotepadDOOM ‘great’.

With his Notepad version of Doom, Chiet introduces yet another playful way to play the classic shooter in an unconventional way as part of an ongoing internet meme. Previously, for example, developers managed to get the game working through motherboard firmware, with the Trådfri Ikea lamp and on the Nintendo Game & Watch. Also, a youtuber modified the DOS version of Doom 2 to make the game playable in Doom 2 itself.