DayZ creator’s sci-fi survival game Icarus comes to PC on August 11 11

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The sci-fi survival game Icarus will be released on Steam on August 11. The game then costs 25 euros for the standard version, or 85 euros for a deluxe version with two DLC and an extra game mode. Earlier, developer RocketWerkz said the game would be free.

RocketWerkz writes on Steam that the game’s release has been brought forward from fall to August 11. In addition, the developer announces a new game mode with Outposts. In this mode, the player has no expiring timer or enemies and can build a settlement within a 1x1km biome. The developer is already announcing an Arctic and Forest biome, both of which fall within the deluxe version. It is not yet clear whether the standard version will also receive the Outpost mode.

Icarus is a session-based survival game set on the planet Icarus. This planet was intended as a second Earth that had to be made suitable for human habitation through terraforming. However, this terraforming failed, making the air toxic. This failure did lead to the discovery of new ‘exotic matter’, a material that is proving to be valuable. The player must therefore land on the planet and find this material.

Every time the player lands on a planet, he is given a certain mission to complete and a time limit. In doing so, players must survive on the planet and search for food and shelter. Enemies such as bears can be found on the planet, which must be killed with bows and arrows, among other things. Players can build wooden or stone houses, but these houses can be destroyed by lightning strikes.

When the player manages to complete a mission in time, he or she unlocks resources to develop technology. With this technology, the next mission can be made easier. However, if the player fails to complete the mission in time, or if he or she dies, the progression and techtree are lost.

Announced last year, Icarus is made by RocketWerkz, a studio founded by original DayZ creator Dean Hall. Previously, there was talk of a free-to-play game, but the developer says it now asks for money to be able to make regular updates and DLC. The game can be played alone and in co-op with up to eight people.

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