Danish wind turbine manufacturer resumes operations after ransomware infection

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Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas has resumed operations after the company’s systems were infected with ransomware on November 19. The cyber attack is currently under investigation.

Vestas reports that ‘almost all systems’ of the company are operational again. The wind turbine maker has “worked hard” over the past ten days to restore operations after the ransomware infection. The company also investigated the cyber attack and has “strengthened” its IT systems and infrastructure, although it does not go into detail.

The manufacturer also discloses that data was stolen from the ransomware infection. The data is still being investigated, but according to the company “it appears” that the data mainly relates to internal affairs of Vestas. The wind turbine maker said there are no indications that the ransomware infection has had an impact on customers and the company’s supply chain. The director of Vestas also writes that the functioning of wind turbines themselves is not hindered either.

Vestas does not disclose which ransomware was involved. There is no further mention of any contact with the perpetrators and the wind turbine manufacturer also does not disclose whether the company has paid a ransom to repair its systems.