Controllers new VR headset for PlayStation 5 get adaptive triggers

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The controllers for the upcoming VR headset that works with the Sony PlayStation 5 will get adaptive triggers, just like the DualSense controllers. Sony has announced that. There will also be finger detection in the controllers.

The adaptive triggers work the same as on the DualSense controller, Sony says. The software can change the pressure on the triggers to imitate sensations. For example, drawing a bow and arrow should feel different from shooting with a rifle. The controllers themselves also have haptic feedback, but Sony doesn’t say it works the same as in the DualSense controller; it is therefore obvious that this is a lesser version, with smaller or less precise vibrating motors, for example.

The controllers also have finger detection over the housing to make gestures in VR easier. In addition, there are analog thumbsticks and buttons on the housing. To keep track of the position in VR, there is a ‘tracking ring’ in the housing of the controllers. The design is reminiscent of that of competitor Oculus Touch.

Sony previously announced that a new VR headset for the PS5 is coming. The manufacturer made the PSVR for the PS4. It is not yet known when the headset should be released and what it will cost. Sony says there is still a lot to be done and that the device will therefore not be released in 2021.

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