Code Points Out Meta’s Upcoming Expensive VR Goggles Will Be Named Quest Pro

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Code in the iOS app of the Meta Quest app indicates that Meta’s Project Cambria headset will be renamed Quest Pro. The company’s previous headsets were called Oculus Quest and Quest 2. Meta has teased the headset, but has not announced it yet.

The name appeared in the code of the Meta Quest iOS app, writes Bloomberg based on information from Steve Moser of The Tape Drive. Moser himself has not yet published about it at the time of writing. The string in the code describes ‘Pair Meta Quest Pro right controller’, a reference to pairing a controller with the headset.

Meta announced Cambria in November. It was previously known that the Project Cambria would be equipped with cameras that capture the environment in color, so that wearers can see the world around them and the headset can also be used for AR display. The glasses would have two 2.48″ mini LED screens with a resolution of 2160 by 2160 pixels. These are screens of approximately 4.5×4.5 cm with a density of around 1230 pixels per inch. Some time ago an analyst had renders made to showing what Cambria would look like.

The headset should be released this year. Meta currently only has the Quest headsets in its range. The last of these came out at the end of 2020. Meta previously released headsets under the brand name Oculus. The Cambria would be priced well over $800, possibly more than $1,000. According to Bloomberg, Meta typically announces hardware in October.

Impression of render Project Cambria. This is not a render of Meta itself.

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