Cloudflare registers largest ddos ​​attack via https to date

Cloudflare registered a DDoS attack last month with a size of 15.3 million requests per second. While the company has faced larger attacks in the past, it is the largest to date to be via https.

The ddos ​​attack lasted 15 seconds and Cloudflare claimed to be able to avert it after detection. According to the company is such a large attack via https striking, because more computing power is required for encrypted connections and therefore attackers have to pay higher amounts for ddos ​​attacks over tls connections. The attack mainly came from data centers that offer cloud computing services. According to Cloudflare, it is increasingly common for attacks not via ISPs, but via data centers.

The attack targeted a Cloudflare customer offering a crypto launchpad. This is a platform for blockchain projects that allows companies to sell tokens to the first investors at an early stage. The reason for the attack is unknown, but it came from a botnet that has been monitoring Cloudflare for some time. It concerns a botnet of approximately 6000 bots via 1300 networks and originating from 112 different countries. With almost 15 percent, Indonesia accounts for the largest part of this.