BlueStacks launches Android game streaming service

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The Android emulator service BlueStacks is going to launch a streaming service that will allow you to play Android games. The service, called BlueStacks X, is now in beta with thirteen streamable games.

With BlueStacks X, according to the company, more than two hundred Android games can eventually be streamed, without users having to take out a subscription. The web version now includes thirteen games playable over the internet during the beta, but BlueStacks promises to add more every week. This version should work not only via the browser on PC, Mac or Chromebook, but also on Android and iOS devices, via the mobile browser.

In addition, there is the BlueStacks app for the PC, which can emulate the Google Play Store and its games, and which also gets the option to run games streaming. Games currently playable include Raid: Shadow Legends and Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade.

BlueStacks reports that the calculations for the streaming service are not only done on its servers, but also partly on users’ systems. This would reduce costs for the company. The company derives revenue from advertising. A paid version of the service without advertising should be released at a later date, Rosen Sharma, the CEO of BlueStacks, told VentureBeat.

BlueStacks was founded in 2011 as an Android emulator for the PC. According to the company itself, the emulation program has been downloaded a billion times. The Windows 11 operating system will include the option to run Android apps natively, but not all apps would be available for this.

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