Bloomberg: Oculus is working on a lighter and smaller version of Quest VR glasses

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Oculus is working on an improved version of the Quest headset, which will be ten to fifteen percent smaller. Partly because of this, the VR glasses under development are lighter, which contributes to wearing comfort. In addition, Oculus is working on a new controller for the headset.

Bloomberg writes that based on information from insiders. According to the sources, Facebook is working on several Quest glasses, some models of which are smaller, lighter, and have a higher refresh rate than the current Quest glasses. The current model weighs 470 grams according to the Pricewatch; the improved version should be several tens of grams lighter.

On one of the new models, Facebook would like to replace the fabric on the sides with plastic, similar to the Oculus Rift S. The company would also consider using more elastic materials in the band instead of the rubber and Velcro that the current Quest has. According to the sources, the Quest will keep the Oculus Link cable to connect the glasses to the computer.

The maximum refresh rate could rise to 90Hz on the upgraded version, 18Hz more than what the Quest can handle now. Some test quests would have 120Hz screens, although the company would like to limit this to 90Hz software to extend battery life. On some models, according to Bloomberg, the idp button remains to adjust the interpupillary distance; this button has been omitted on other test models. Finally, the new controller should be more comfortable and have a battery cover that comes loose less often.

Facebook has not yet determined which product it will actually bring to the market. It is also not yet known whether the new headset will follow the current Quest or whether Oculus will sell them side by side. Facebook would like to showcase the new model at the annual Oculus Connect conference at the end of this year. Sales of the new Quest will probably start in 2021.

The current version of the Oculus Quest

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