Bloomberg: Apple is considering adding touchscreen to Macs

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Apple is considering adding touchscreens to Macs. Sources report this to Apple insider and Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman. The company would like to release a MacBook Pro with a touch-sensitive screen in 2025, but that release has not yet been fully determined.

Apple engineers are “actively involved” in the Mac touchscreen project, anonymous sources report to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, who is known for having good resources within that company. The journalist writes that Apple is currently working on a MacBook Pro with a touchscreen, which is tentatively planned for 2025. Gurman writes, however, that the release has not yet been completed and plans can still change.

The insider also reports that the touchscreens in Macs may use an OLED panel instead of a mini LED screen, as in the current MacBook Pro 14″ and 16″, or an LCD, as in the current 13″ variant. This first MacBook with a touchscreen would continue to maintain a traditional laptop design with a trackpad and integrated keyboard, and the screen should support gestures and other touch inputs, just like on the company’s smartphones and tablets, and over time, the tech giant could bring the touchscreen to more Mac models.

If Apple goes through with its touchscreen plans, it would be a turnaround for the tech giant. The company has been stating for years that touchscreens do not work well on a laptop. Apple founder Steve Jobs called computers with touchscreens “ergonomically terrible.” He stated that people get tired arms from using vertical touchscreens. Current CEO Tim Cook maintained that position.

The current MacBook Pro with mini LED screen

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