Best Privacy-Focused Web Browsers for iPhone

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Privacy is concern of every human being especially internet users.  Internet websites and applications are constantly their users every time.  However, there are so many ways for users to protect their privacy. Here is a list of best and toprated privacy focused web browser for iPhone.

1. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus web browser can block a wide variety of online trackers. Firefox features private browsing mode. This browser clears history, passwords, cookies and trackers as soon as you close the app.

2. DuckDuckGo privacy browser

DuckDuckGo offers a handful of privacy options. It blocks all hidden trackers and third-party advertisements.

3. Brave browser

This web browser available for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. This can automatically block ads, trackers, malicious scrips, and fingerprints.

4. Safari

This is built-in web browser of the iOS device and offers many privacy solutions.

5. Ghostery privacy browser

This browser provides a fast, personalized, tracker and ad-free browsing experience on iPhone,

6. Cake web browser

Cake web browser has  built-in VPN for iOS,  It also offers many other privacy features like anonymous browsing, private tab time bomb, password protection, etc.

7. Snowbunny private web browser

Snowbunny Private Web Browser is a fast and lightweight web browser. This browser offers full-screen browsing mode. Snowbunny Private Web Browser can display 35% more viewable area with full-screen mode. It’s private mode that does not save your browsing history, cookies, or anything behind it.

8. Perfect browser: ad blocker

This web browser offers a built-in ad blocker available for iPhone. The web browser automatically blocks advertisements and unnecessary content from the web pages to speed up browsing. Auto erase function is also good for privacy focused users.

9. Aloha Browser

This web browser is known for its clean interface, ease of use and excellent features. Aloha Browser provides many useful features such as ad blocker, free VPN, private tabs, QR code reader, etc.

10. InBrowser – priate browsing

This web browser automatically deletes everything once you close the app. It also allows you to enable biometric protection for your favorite sites.

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