Be quiet releases Light Wings fans with argb LEDs

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Be quiet announces its first fans with addressable RGB LEDs. There are 120mm and 140mm variants, and high-speed versions that go up to 2500rpm. The fans are sold individually from 22.90 euros or per three with a hub from 69.90 euros.

The be quiet Light Wings have a large ring with LEDs on the front and a small ring on the back. These are argb LEDs, the lighting of which can be controlled via software if the fans are connected to an argb header of a compatible motherboard.

The regular 120mm model has a speed of up to 1700rpm and seven blades. The 140mm version goes up to 1500rpm. There are high-speed versions of both fans. They have nine blades, and reach 2500 and 2200 rpm respectively. According to the manufacturer, these versions are optimized for use on radiators and heat sinks.

All versions are equipped with a PWM connection, which allows the rotation speed to be adjusted by the motherboard, depending on the temperature. According to the manufacturer, the fans are quiet in use. Be quiet promises a lifespan of up to sixty thousand hours. That equates to almost seven years of 24/7 use. The fans will be available from November 23.

Fashion model Price per piece Price Triple-Pack (with argb hub)
Light Wings 120mm pwm 22.90 euros 69.90 euros
Light Wings 120mm pwm high speed 22.90 euros 69.90 euros
Light Wings 140mm pwm 23.90 euros 72.90 euros
Light Wings 140mm pwm high speed 23.90 euros 72.90 euros
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