Apple replaces broken iTunes installer for Windows

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An update to iTunes for Windows prevented many users running Windows in a language other than English from opening the app. Apple has released a new version via the Microsoft Store and its own site that no longer has the problem.

Multiple users noted on Apple’s discussion platform on Wednesday that they could no longer launch iTunes for Windows after an update. They received the message “”iTunes cannot run because some of its required files are missing. Please reinstall itunes.” The bug occurred after an update to iTunes version 12.12.06 and affected both the version distributed through the Microsoft Store and the separate .exe file. The update came along with the release of iOS 15.

Although Apple didn’t confirm the issue, users soon discovered that the issue could be worked around by setting Windows’ language settings to English. Whoever had their language setting set to Spanish, German, Italian, Korean, French, Japanese or Chinese could not open the app and this probably applied to more languages.

Apple has meanwhile replaced the version offered on its own site and in the Microsoft Store with version, which does not cause the problem, Neowin notes.

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