Apple Releases iOS 15.2 Beta – And Here’s What’s New

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iOS 15.1 has only just been released, but Apple is not standing still: the iOS 15.2 beta is now available, and this has been added.

Delayed function

As with iOS 15.1, the new update brings delayed features that Apple announced at WWDC. Since 15.1 we can finally get started with SharePlay, with which you can share videos, music and more on FaceTime with your conversation partner. With 15.2, ‘Privacy Report’ is coming to iPhone and iPad.

With Privacy Report you can see in an overview exactly what data your apps have requested in the past seven days. This way you can see at a glance whether an app may be too liberal with certain permissions, for example, the use of your microphone, camera or location data. You can even see which sites and servers the apps connect to, so you know exactly what an app is doing in the background.

You can find the feature in the iOS 15.2 beta under ‘Settings>Privacy>Privacy Report’. You must manually enable the feature before creating a report.

Notification overview and more

In iOS 15.2, the notification overview is being overhauled. This will show you a summary of your non-urgent notifications so you won’t be disturbed by them during the day. In 15.2, this overview has become larger, and it has been given a slightly more playful and clear appearance.

SOS emergency notification has also been improved. Previously, you had to press and hold the side button and the volume button for three seconds to automatically dial 911. However, it could happen that you accidentally call the emergency number. This has now been extended to eight seconds, making the chance of this a lot smaller.

Install iOS 15.2 Beta

The beta of iOS 15.2 is a so-called ‘public beta’, so anyone can participate. However, we do not recommend installing the beta on a device that you use every day, because of the many errors and bugs that can be in it. Do you want to try it anyway? Then read how to do this in our public beta article.

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