Apple is working on a fix for bug in Watch that allows eavesdropping on iPhones

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Apple is working on a fix for a bug in its Watch that would allow eavesdropping on iPhones. According to the manufacturer, the bug has not been exploited so far. Until the fix is ​​there, the Walkie Talkie app will not work.

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Apple doesn’t provide details about the bug, presumably so as not to let others know where the leak is. In a statement to Techcrunch, Apple says that the vulnerability can only be exploited under certain circumstances and by going through a number of steps. The bug makes it possible to listen to the iPhone from the carrier, Apple writes.

The Walkie-Talkie app won’t work until the fix is ​​in place, and Apple apologizes for the possible inconvenience that step will cause. Earlier this year, Apple turned off group conversations in Facetime after discovering a bug that allowed eavesdropping on iPhones. Apple doesn’t say when a fix will be available. Walkie-talkie is an app for watchOS 5, the latest version of Apple’s watch operating system. The feature allows users to talk to each other by pressing a large button on the screen, and an automatic response will follow.

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