Apple announces watchOS 8

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Apple has announced a new version of WatchOS. WatchOS 8 will include a mindfulness feature. In addition, there will be a new watchface with photos and a new window for entering text, speech and emojis.

The Breathe app has a new Reflect feature, which asks questions to think about. That should increase the well-being of users. The Watch can also monitor your breath during sleep and warns if there is a change in this. In addition, two workouts have been added: tai ji and pilates.

In addition, there will be a portraits watchface, where the time will be placed between a head and the background. The Photos app in watchOS is getting a Reminders feature. You can now enter text, emojis and speech from the same window. In addition, users can send GIFs from the watches.

The beta comes out this week, with a public beta next month and a release this fall. The Watch Series 3 from 2017 is the oldest clock that can run the new operating system.

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