Anonymous hackers dump complete disk images of controversial Epik hosting service

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Hackers have put new data from the controversial hosting provider Epik on the internet. It concerns 300GB of disk images from the provider, which also contain passwords and API tokens.

The data was accessed by The Daily Dot. Security experts verify on the site that these are disk images of Epik’s complete server infrastructure. This would make it possible to imitate the complete servers. One of them has on Twitter posted a video where he manages to boot the server in a VM. The hackers released the data as a torrent of 70GB, but unpacked it would be almost 300GB of data.

The data also seems to contain sensitive data from Epik itself. These include API keys and credentials for Epik’s own systems that are stored in plaintext. The files also contain credentials for the provider’s Coinbase and PayPal accounts, and for the Twitter account.

The data was leaked by the same hackers who stole data from Epik earlier this month. The group calls itself “Official Anonymous” and said it has stolen passwords, private keys and ssh keys, a mailbox dump and more information from the provider.

Epik briefly responded to the situation at the time of the hack, earlier this month. On Twitter they stated that they have “deployed multiple cybersecurity teams to review, secure and recover the affected systems.” The cause of the incident is said to have been ‘identified’ and a ‘complete solution’ is being worked on.

Epik is a controversial hosting provider best known for hosting a number of radical and far-right social networks such as The Daily Stormer, 8chan, and Parler. The service also hosted content from extremist groups such as the Proud Boys. The site defended hosting Gab in 2018 after multiple providers refused that domain on their platforms.

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