Analyst shows leaked CAD files of VR headset Meta Quest 3

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An analyst shares CAD files of the alleged Meta Quest 3 VR headset. It may be possible to see the design of the Quest 2 successor, although it is not known how recent the images are. The analyst also shares a number of possible specifications of the future VR glasses.

Analyst Brad Lynch shares images based on the CAD files on his YouTube channel. According to Lynch, it is a ‘more or less’ final design, although something could change before release. The images show, among other things, a headband made of fabric, as is also supplied as standard with the Meta Quest 2. That would mean that the battery, just like with the Quest 2, is placed in the housing of the glasses, making it relatively heavy at the front. With the recently announced Pico 4, for example, the battery is located at the back. This may also be the case with the Quest Pro.

According to Lynch, the Meta Quest 3 has two black and white cameras, two color cameras and a depth sensor. In addition, there would be cameras on the sides for 6dof head tracking. Furthermore, the new VR glasses may be equipped with the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2-soc, according to the analyst. The company’s other VR goggles, including the Quest Pro, use the XR2 Gen 1 chip. The analyst also states that eye tracking and face tracking are missing in the Quest 3, because these functions would make the VR glasses too expensive for consumers.

Image: Brad Lynch/SadlyItsBradley

These features will come to the company’s upcoming high-end VR goggles, according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, he said in a statement. a podcast episode of Joe Rogan. With these functions, the user’s expression must be ‘translated in real time’ into a digital ‘avatar’. Lynch states that eye tracking and face tracking may come to a ‘Meta Quest 3 Plus’, which would appear in 2024.

According to the CAD files, the Quest 3 uses so-called ‘pancake lenses’. In addition, the VR glasses are equipped with LCD screens. The lens distance can be set by means of a rotary knob, as can be seen in the images. Three contacts can be seen on the underside of the glasses that suggest that the glasses can be charged by means of a charging station.

Lynch also shared renders from Project Cambria earlier this year. This is expected to be the high-end VR glasses Meta Quest Pro that will probably be unveiled next month. The next Meta Connect event will take place on October 11. The Meta Quest 3 will follow later, according to Lynch, with a release sometime in 2023. The price of the Quest 3 would be around $ 400, while the Quest Pro would cost more than $ 1000. The most expensive variant of the Quest 3 would have a maximum of 512GB of storage and 12GB of ram.

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