Airline Emirates shows plane with screens instead of windows

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Aircraft company Emirates has shown a new first class suite where the windows have been exchanged for cameras and screens. According to the director of Emirates, the outside image is better than normal and may become commonplace in the future.

Director Tim Clark tells the BBC that the quality of the images is so good that the image outward is better than with the naked eye. The replacement of windows by screens is now only done at a first class cab of a Boeing 777-300ER.
According to Clark, the ultimate goal is to use an aircraft no longer while the passengers can look out through windows. According to the Emirates director, this leads to fewer structural weaknesses in the fuselage of the aircraft and at the same time it can save weight and fly faster, more economically and higher.
It is not clear when the first flights without windows for at least a part of the passengers start. For example, bumps can be raised by aviation authorities, because in case of emergency the crew have to be able to look outside, something that can become difficult without windows if the power fails and the screens and cameras no longer work.

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