Adobe launches Photoshop Camera app for iOS and Android in 2020

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Adobe comes with a Photoshop Camera app for Android and iOS. The app contains various filters and effects. These filters can be added to photos both in real time and afterwards. The app is free and is expected in 2020.

The Photoshop Camera app uses an AI framework that should automatically suggest filters and ‘lenses’. According to Adobe, the artificial intelligence recognizes different photo subjects and then makes a suggestion for an effect or filter. These filters can be used in real time, while taking a photo. They can also be added to a photo taken previously.

The camera app should somewhat automate the functions of software like Photoshop and Lightroom for less experienced users. According to Adobe, the app can adjust things such as the ‘dynamic range’ and ‘tonality’ of a photo. Manual adjustments to photos are also possible. For example, the app will have a separate section where users can adjust the exposure, contrast, highlights and shadows to their liking, which seems to be similar to apps like Lightroom Mobile and Snapseed.

The app also gives users access to lenses created by artists. For example, Billie Eilish comes up with its own lens for the app. It is unknown if these filters will be free; maybe it will be in-app purchases. The concept of lenses is not new, by the way; both Snapchat and Instagram Stories contain similar effects.

Users can now sign up for an early preview of the app. Adobe hopes to release Photoshop Camera for free to everyone by 2020. Earlier on Monday, the company announced a Photoshop version for iPad.

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