Administrator usenet site settles with Brein and takes website offline

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Stichting Brein has reached a settlement with the administrator of the usenet index site The site contained nzb files for downloading movies, music and games, among other things. According to the copyright organization, the site had “several thousand visitors per month.”

According to Brein, the administrator of the site has provided information about members registered with the site. The foundation says it wants to ‘approach’ it. Part of the settlement reached is a statement of abstention. This means that the administrator can be fined if he repeats himself. Substantive details of the settlement have not been disclosed. As a result, it is not known whether a sum of money has been paid. Stichting Brein often states the amount itself if it has been agreed to pay in the settlement. In this case, Brein writes that the manager has paid a ‘contribution’ towards the costs.

According to Brein, the administrator of stated that it was a hobby project. The site would receive ‘thousands’ of unique visitors per month. Tens of thousands of nzb files could be found on the site, with which files can be found on Usenet. It involved categories such as video, audio, games and applications.

Earlier in August, Brein settled with a large uploader and manager of link sites for 15,000 euros. According to the foundation, the man chose to settle in order not to let the case go to court. He uploaded movies and TV series to Usenet and placed references to them on mock websites he managed. He also previously had a private tracker with torrent files under his management.

Another uploader, known as Snaterke, did not respond to a settlement proposal from Brein at the beginning of August and so the case went to court. After being summoned, the person did not appear at the hearing. The lawyer also did not respond. In absentia, the court awarded Brein’s claims in full. With this, the person must pay EUR 5640 legal costs to Brein and, in the event of future infringements, pay a penalty of EUR 1000 per day, or EUR 500 per infringement. According to Brein, Snaterke has published more than 5000 spots on various index websites.

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