Zynga Announces Candy Crush-Like Harry Potter Game

Zynga has announced a Harry Potter match-3 game, available immediately in select markets. In Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells, players can play Candy Crush-style levels and answer quiz questions. The game is made for iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle and Facebook.

According to the Zynga press release, Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells combines match-3 gameplay with the characters and setting of the Harry Potter world. In match-3 games, users are presented with an ordered collection of tiles, which the player must manipulate so that three of the same tiles are next to each other. These tiles then disappear, leaving new tiles in their place. This gameplay is known from Candy Crush, among others. Exactly how the Harry Potter game works is unclear; Zynga hasn’t shown any gameplay footage yet.

Zynga does say that users can compose their own character in the game. By playing the game, they can earn points, which they can use to unlock new spells and potions, for example. During the game, users can encounter ‘iconic moments and recognizable faces’ from the film series. In addition to the match-3 gameplay, there are also quiz questions, brain teasers and other puzzle games in the game. Finally, users can form clubs, which they can use to engage in activities together with other players.

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells is set to be released worldwide for iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle and Facebook. Zynga has not yet announced a date. However, the game was released early in ‘certain markets’. According to AndroidPolice, the game is now available in the Philippines. The game is being developed by Zynga and released by Portkey Games.