Zuckerberg comes to the European Parliament to explain the use of private data Facebook

Facebook director Mark Zuckerberg will explain behind closed doors to the European Parliament how Facebook deals with user data. Zuckerberg has accepted an invitation from Parliament.

The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, tweeted that Zuckerberg may be coming next week. This is done in a hearing with the leaders of various parties from the European Parliament and the rapporteur of the Civil Liberties Committee. The hearing will be behind closed doors, reports AD .
It is the first time that Zuckerberg appears before a parliament outside his home country of the United States. The Facebook founder appeared in his own country for a Senate committee and the House of Representatives. Zuckerberg said no to the British parliament, the country where Cambridge Analytica came from. Cambridge Analytica used the Facebook data of up to 90 million users to use targeted advertisements for political campaigns. Meanwhile Cambridge Analytica has gone bankrupt because of the scandal.
The European Parliament wants Zuckerberg to explain how Facebook deals with user data. Moreover, the parliament will talk about how other countries could interfere in elections of member states via fake news on Facebook. The hearing may take place next week, although a precise date is not yet known.