Zero Introduces SR/F Electric Motor with Statistics Subscription

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Electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero has announced the SR/F. The electric motor has a power of 82kW and a torque of 190Nm. The software gives the user ‘free for the first two years’ insight into numerous features.

Thanks to the presence of the Cypher III operating system, owners of the SR/F can gain insight into four parts: status and alerts, loading, driving data sharing and updates. The OS displays the information via the dashboard and an app, among other things. For example, the engine indicates when charging stops unexpectedly and users can set charging limits. The engine also collects information about driving, such as locations, speed and consumption. That data can be shared. Future updates can download the engine remotely. According to the manufacturer, all connectivity options are free for the first two years after purchase, after which an undisclosed amount must be paid.

The engine can travel at a maximum speed of 200 km/h and has a range of 158 km according to an unspecified manufacturer’s ‘EU mandatory’ test. The battery capacity is 14.4 kWh. Charging to 95 percent takes four hours with the base model with a 3kW charger, with the premium model it takes two hours with the 6kW charger. There is also an optional 6kW Rapid Charge module; charging up to 95 percent takes 1.3 hours for the standard model and 1 hour for the premium model. The base model has a curb weight of 220 kilograms; the premium variant is six kilograms heavier.

The entry-level model costs 20,890 euros, while the premium version with faster loading time, fly screen and aluminum handlebar ends costs 23,090 euros. The fast charging system costs 3025 euros and an EU socket adapter 530 euros. The Zero SR/F will be available this spring.

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