Zens Liberty Charger: AirPower alternative

Remember Apple’s AirPower? Probably, because the AirPower was a regular guest in our news section a while back. It should have become a Qi charging mat where it doesn’t matter where you place your Apple devices. Your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch will charge wirelessly anywhere on the mat – no matter how inaccurately you put them on it.

After a big announcement together with the iPhone X (in 2017), it remained silent for years around AirPower. It ended with an official announcement from Apple. AirPower, the charging mat, got too hot while charging. Even Apple, with all its expertise, has not managed to get such a universal charging mat working properly. And now a company Zens comes with the Liberty Charger. And it does exactly what AirPower promised at the time.

Zens Liberty Charger: two variants

The Liberty Charger comes in two flavors. The ‘regular’ version is black with the chic furniture fabric ‘Atlas’ from the Danish brand ‘Kvadrat’ at the top. As far as we’re concerned, this is the version that Apple would make it. A slick design, but so unobtrusive that you can place it anywhere in your house.

The second version is a bit more extravagant. Instead of fabric, there is a glass plate at the top, and below that, you see sixteen copper coils that are used for charging. In the beginning, we weren’t sure whether this is really cool or very ugly, but after two weeks on our TV stand, we can say that the somewhat industrial-looking coils fit very well into our interior. Except for the appearance, there are no differences between the Liberty Chargers.

Wirelessly charge two devices simultaneously

The installation of the Liberty is done in no time. Unlike many other wireless chargers, there is simply a hugely powerful power supply in the box. And you need that too, because you can ‘fast charge’ two devices with a maximum of 15 W, i.e. charge at the maximum speed.

And Liberty also delivers on that promise. No matter how inaccurately we put our iPhones and AirPods on them, they always charge. In our entire test period, only twice did a device charge properly, and we believe that is within the expected margin of error.

Only the Apple Watch does not want to charge on the charging mat itself, but that is because Apple uses its own technology for wireless charging with its smartwatch. Zens therefore sells an additional Watch charger that you can click on the Liberty in a practical way.

Makes some noise

All in all, the Liberty Charger sounds like pretty much perfect. It does exactly what it promises and looks good for a wireless charger. The price is with €199 a bit on the high side, but that would have been no different with Apple’s AirPower. However, a flaw hides the Liberty until it is completely silent around him. Because apparently not only Apple had a heat problem with its universal charger, but also Zens. In a quiet environment you can hear a small fan blowing as soon as you charge a device. It’s not a disturbing noise in your living room, but it might be on your bedside table in the bedroom.

Conclusion Zens Liberty Charger

A perfect alternative to Apple’s AirPower, if only because the Liberty Charger is for sale. However, the fan can be annoying for use on your bedside table.


  • Universal charging mat
  • chic design


  • Watch charger optional
  • Fan is audible