YouTube will show separate chapters in search results

YouTube will show chapters of videos separately in the search results, the video platform announced on Tuesday. If a video contains chapters and the specified search terms match a chapter, users will see the chapter separately in the results.

By showing chapters in the search results, YouTube wants to let users choose more precisely what is most relevant to them at that moment. Until now, only individual videos with a thumbnail were shown. In the new way of searching, YouTube shows the separate chapters below the video in the results.

The chapters in videos were added to the platform in May 2020 and allow the creator to cut and tag a video into pieces. Viewers can then skip certain parts or click directly on the chapter they want to see. YouTube has slowly expanded the functionalities of the chapters. For example, Android users were given the option to share chapters via a link last June.

In addition to showing video chapters, YouTube will also show previews in the mobile app. On desktop you could already see a short preview of a video, but on mobile only a static thumbnail was shown.

Finally, YouTube also announced that it will experiment with showing relevant search results outside of YouTube. As an example, YouTube mentions links to results from Google. The video platform provides few details about when these links are shown. The experiment is currently underway for mobile users in Indonesia and India. Depending on user feedback, the experiment will be extended to other countries.