YouTube tightens rules for videos with dangerous challenges

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Video service YouTube has introduced stricter rules to prevent viewers from being incited to risky challenges and so-called pranks. Notorious examples are eating washing tablets and – more recently – driving blindfolded, as in the Netflix film Bird Box.

YouTube has always had rules for uploading videos that focus on risky activities, but they were rather general in nature. From now on, separate policies apply for dangerous challenges, the so-called challenges, and pranks or practical jokes.

“Challenges with a clear risk of death are not allowed on YouTube. Content in which a child participates in dangerous challenges that pose an immediate risk of injury or personal injury is also not allowed,” reads the updated Community Guidelines. The company mentions the fire challenge as examples of prohibited content, in which young people in particular pour fuel on a hand or other body part and set it on fire, and eating washing tablets. The video service says about practical jokes: “We also don’t allow pranks that make victims believe they are in physical danger or that could cause physical harm. Dangerous or gross pranks that could cause emotional distress to children are also not allowed.” “.

Videos that violate YouTube’s new terms will be removed immediately, but the uploader will not receive a warning for the first two months. There will be a warning for violations from mid-March. An account that makes multiple mistakes will be deleted by YouTube.

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